Today, hundreds of Visa Direct solution partners around the world are enabling money movement

Acquirers and PayFacs

Deepen merchant relationships

Strengthen relationships with existing merchants by enabling real-time³ money movement to eligible debit cards, whenever they want, even outside of traditional banking hours.

Potential for new revenue streams

Capture revenue by providing a range of disbursement and money movement use cases⁴ to your clients and expanding reach to over 190 countries and territories.

Attract new clients

Create new client relationships by becoming the gateway to the Visa network for many types of businesses, including corporate payers, commercial banks and fintechs.

Customize your own program

Choose the right program for your organization by adding Visa Direct value-added services including foreign exchange (FX), reporting and settlement, risk and compliance and more.

Treasury Banks

Accelerate growth

Clients can serve new markets with Visa Direct, enabling them to move money to over 190 countries and territories via card and account rails.

Revenue potential

By delivering both cards and accounts and serving a variety of use cases via Visa Direct, you can pursue new revenue opportunities and deepen client relationships.

Streamline operations

We are a single point of access¹ to 15+ card, 70+ ACH, and 10+ RTP schemes through Visa Direct.

Manage risk

Visa Direct is built on the Visa Network and our trusted ecosystem of partners to help banks achieve their desired levels of security, monitor risk and manage compliance.

Fintechs / ISVs

Revenue potential

Visa Direct use cases⁴ have the potential to generate convenience fees for real-time or cross-border payments.

Enhance existing money movement solutions

Delight your clients and end users with options to send and receive money to over 8.5 billion endpoints in 190+ countries and 160 currencies.

Offer a wide range of use cases

Join hundreds of tech companies providing Visa Direct solutions for peer-to-peer (P2P), cross-border payments, consumer and business disbursements, financial services, cryptocurrency platforms and more.⁴

Deliver to more endpoints

Visa Direct's expansion beyond cards and accounts to digital wallets⁶ provides access to over 8.5 billion endpoints across cross-border money movement.


Fast digital deposits

When eligible Visa Debit cardholders receive push-to-card transactions, they can access funds in 30 minutes or less.⁴

Increase debit card usage

According to a recent Visa study, transaction activity and volume increased by 55% when debit card users received real-time³ push-to-card payments via Visa Direct.⁵

Robust risk controls

Visa manages a multi-layered system of controls and tools that clients can use to help mitigate fraud and compliance risk.⁴

Enhanced P2P experience

Issuers can provide a real-time³ P2P push-to-card payment experience within their existing branded platform.

Today, nearly 500+ partners are supporting Visa Direct solutions

cloudpay logo.

“With Earned wage Access (EWA), ultimately what we're trying to do is move the net pay to be instant, which helps improve the cash flow for our customers. We're trying to remove this delay in making a payment to the employee by making it instant because that improves the experience for everybody. And by doing this with Visa Direct, we and our clients get the benefit, convenience, and flexibility to offer access to pay 24/7/365, which is simply not possible via the traditional banking network.”

— Nick Newman, Strategic Initiatives Director, CloudPay

step logo.

“The ability to move money very quickly because it's needed right now is critical for our customers. Step understands this need of our customers, and our solution enabled by Visa Direct provides us the ability to deliver those real-time transfers to get money to their family members and loved ones immediately.”

— Horacio Diaz Adda, CFO, Step logo.
Use Visa to move money overseas with the support of It’s simple and easy through Visa Direct.

Simplify how you and your clients move money around the world

Discover how Visa Direct helps eliminate the need to manage multiple ACH or RTP schemes.

Robust risk controls

Visa Direct supports money movement around the world, while helping to meet the security, risk and compliance needs of our clients and partners.